Flag: Jennifer Gears
Song: Lee Ginsburg
Invocation: Karen Quigley
Fred Raio updated us on Harry Schad.  Tim and Annie Trinh had a baby girl named Riley. Ron Fulop is having surgery this week and will be out for a while.  Marion Hall Marshall is spending some time in rehabilitation.  Dolores Randell isn't able to drive to Westlake this week, due to a neck pain.
The OakHeart party is still in the planning process.  Updates on location and date are coming soon.
Street Fest kick-off meeting is coming soon!
Fun and Games sign up started going around this week.  The squares are filling quickly!  Hurry and get yours now.  $5 a square.  24 games a year.  If you miss now, you'll have to sit through a year of hearing other people's names called as winners.  And you won't get a chance again until next July.
Upcoming Dates:
August 18, 4:30 p.m.  International Service Committee meeting held at Ed Pope's house.  Please RSVP to Edwin Velarde by this Friday, August 16.
August 18: TO Rotary hosts the Midsummer Eve Wine Festival.  If you can't make it to International Service, consider stopping by the wine fest from 4 - 7:30 p.m. $60 pp.
August 21: BACK PACKS
September 23: Westlake Village Sunrise Golf Tournament at NRCC
October 9: District Governor Jack will visit our club.  Contact Edwin Velarde or Ed Pope is you want to help plan
October 12: Moorpark Sunrise Beer Tasting at Moorpark College
October 18-20: District Conference in San Luis Obispo