Marion Hall Marshall and Bob Marshall collect books and magazines every week, and deliver them to Los Robles Hospital.  Here is another opportunity to clear out your bookshelves.  The Westlake Sunrise Club has issued a challenge to collect 20,000 books for the benefit of Simon Technology Institute, a new
Charter High School in Watts which serves deserving
underprivileged children in that community and prepares them for
Charter High will have their first graduation this spring.
Many of the graduates will be the first in their family to
graduate from high school. 
Simon Technology’s Principal, Dr. Clarence Miller requires his
students to do community service and develop an attitude of
helping others. His motto is that he does not want the students
to pay back what they have received, but to pay it forward by
helping others the way they have been helped.
We are collecting not only books which can be used for the school
library, but also books suitable for elementary students (age
6-9) and adult level books (NO, not ‘adult’ books!) so the
students can go into the community and help others learn to read
or improve their reading skills. In short, we are collecting
books to be used not only to help the students with their own
reading, but also to allow them to be of service in their
community and beyond.
We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to
helping you clear out your bookshelves and closets. You can
reach us anytime by e mail ( or speak to Jon in person when he comes to our club soon.