Posted on Jul 27, 2017
Semih Sinik is doing a great job with check in! He finally got to sit down and eat this week. 
Flag Salute:
Nadine Larson
Cristina Auda led the song with a favorite from the musical Oklahoma- Oh What a Beautiful Morning.
Bob Marshall did a great job today focusing our group.
Visiting Rotarians: 
We had many guests today, most of whom were at Lee's, so we'll start there:
Lee's guests were:
Mike Jones
Lee's sister Caren Ginsburg
Art and Sue Merino
Jack Moran - our very special guest speaker.
We also welcomed Tony Guevara, the new Head of School at La Reina High School, and the lovely Marian Hale Marshall joined us as well.  
 Bill Notthoff gave his "Five Minutes" about his many Rotary "Aha" moments.  
Nadine Larson reminded us  about the backpack stuffing program coming up this Saturday the 29th at Art Trek in Newbury Park. 
Signups went around again for volunteers for the Flag Salute, the song and Invocation.  
We welcomed World War II veteran Jack Moran today, who spoke about his service in the Army as an Infantry soldier between 1943-1946.  He fought in four major battles during WW II, and spoke at length about his experiences fighting in the Battle of the Bulge in the 106th Division.  His remarkable memories and experiences were fascinating.  At age 92, he is truly inspirational.  We thank him for his service and sacrifice for our country.
Jack was born in Superior, WI in 1925.  After he returned from his army service, he worked for Schlitz Brewing Co. as the Manager of Credit and Traffic for 11 Western states between 1948 and 1958.  During that same time period he also obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Marquette University in 1957.  From 1960-1978 he was the owner of the largest Mayflower franchise on the West Coast.  He has been working as a Coldwell Banker real estate agent since 1981, and is a lover of bourbon whiskey, no particular brand.