Posted on Sep 08, 2017
Rotary This Week
Past President Dapper Spar led our meeting this week
   Flag:  Brad Ormsby
  Song:  none
    Invocation: Pastor Dickey   

    Guests:   Brad Ormsby introduced Ruth Milch's guests, Heather Case and Barbara Radke, as well as Vince Castellana and John Harbourne, who presented our                                                     program today.

     Fines:  The Finemaster in action:
  • Edwin Velardi was fined $33.00  in honor of he and his wife Christine's 33rd wedding anniversary. 
  • Stephanie Harbourne was fined $17.50 for publishing her book of poetry, which may have 175 pages. 
  • Bill Hang was fined $32.00 for receiving his 3rd patent for something to do with orthodontics.  
  • Ed Pope was fined $25.00 in honor of his 25th anniversary with Rotary. 
  • Stephanie Spar volunteered to be our Chair for Dinners for 8 and passed a sign up list for those interested in participating. 
  • Cristina Auda needs more volunteers for Meals on Wheels.  She will be sending an email to the club. 
  • Lesley Testan needs a volunteer to host the October Fireside Chats, as she will be on vacation that month.  If the dates for Fireside Chats are moved, then she is happy to host.  She will confirm with President Lee.
Happy Dollars: hosted by Brett Saunders            
  • Harrison - $1.00 for the Bruins and $3.00 for the Bruins quarterback.
  • Audrey - $5.00 for her daughter's new job.
  • Kelly - $4.00 for the four American women in the US Open semifinals, and $1.00 for everyone who answers the trivia questions.
  • Anita - $5.00 for the flowers Rotary sent her when she was in the hospital.
  • Margie - $3.00 for getting to view the eclipse.
  • Barbara - $2.00 for being back at Rotary.
  • Ruth - $4.00 for her two guests Barbara and Heather and because it is her birthday.
  • Mike - $5.00 because his kids and grandson are moving out.
  • Edwin - $5.00 because his nephew's family is OK in Houston.
  • Ed - $20.00 because he is optomistic about business and life
  • Andy- $5.00 for his daughter's school, all the ladies at the table, for Kelly doing The Flag and for Stephanie and John's blinking wine glass pins.
   Speaker/ Program
This week's program was a very interesting presentation from the Red Door Vineyard, a ministry of The Church of the Epiphany in Oak Park. 
Vince Castellana and John Harbourne were our speakers.  Both are founding members of the Red Door Vineyard, which is a fully functioning wine- making operation started on church property to support the ministry of The Church of the Epiphany.  The winery was started at the behest of the Bishop's Seeds of Hope program, and the program's founders decided the best use of the church property was to grow wine grapes.  
Vines were first planted about seven years ago, and currently there are about 400 grape vines of eight different varieties. The vineyard takes up less than one acre of space and waters with reclaimed water.  The vines are harvested, processed, aged and bottled on site by members of Red Door.  Currently Red Door produces 50-100 cases of wine each year.  Wine is not sold.  Rather, interested people become members of Red Door and sponsor a vine.  At the end of the year each member gets their proportionate distribution of wine made.  
Looking toward the future, Red Door would like to offer it's wine making equipment to the community so others can process and bottle other types of wines.  All Rotarians are invited to become members.  Further information can be found at and also in the brochure that was distributed at the meeting.  
What's Coming Up!
The next Board of Directors meeting is September 12, 2017 at 7:30 am at Westlake Village City Hall. 
 Next week's program will be Cabrillo Music Theater. Don't miss it!  
Our first category of trivia will be "Baseball Movies," in honor of the Dodgers' historical winning streak.  Please email your answers to Kelly Honig at  Answer and winners will be announced next week. 
Last week's answers:
Question:  In the movie "The Sandlot," what was the name of the large dog that lived next door to the sand lot? The Beast or Hercules
Bonus Question: In the same movie, what character said "You're killing me, Smalls?" The Great Hambino or Hamilton
Winners- Aaron Guerrero
Question: Who played Lou Gherig in The Pride of the Yankees?"
Bonus Question:  Who played Babe Ruth in the same movie?