What happened in Rotary WLV September 18-25, 2022.
HITV team meetings that happened this past week included Budget, Spirits, Sponsorship, HITV Execs from both clubs, Stephanie worked on a magazine article with Chris, Online Auction, Santa True PR, Marketing and HITV Team Friday meetings. Kimmy Tharpe started the posts sharing on Facebook about the On Line Auction.
Congratulations Peaches and team on a very successful Interact Picnic on Sunday, Sept 18 2022. Photos are all over social media.
Morrison Park Playground Project needs HELP !   Vote  to win them 25k for the playground! 
Social Media Follow Us email went out to everyone, help us reach our goals! If you didn't receive it let us know.
Being a part of HITV really is an adventure, join your fellow members in the planning stages of this legacy event. Just as Debbi Binalli did this week as she became the HITV Gift Wrap Party Organizer. Want to be more involved? Contact EJC
Lynn Jacobsen invited everyone to her place to help paint boxes this weekend for HITV's Kris Kringle area, just like we did during the pandemic when we were helping Lynn create magic with her sets for our Club's Drive In Fundraisers. Carolyn (Sunrise) Rose, Chris, Linda and Jean Luc. Lynn again spoiled everyone with snacks and wine. Thank you, Lynn Jacobsen.