A program that is dear to our hearts, on this day, we share the wealth from our fundraising efforts of the prior year's Street Festival.  We have the opportunity to enjoy sharing a meal with representatives some of the local charitable organizations.  This year, each recipient had the opportunity to give us a little update of how things are going with their group.  We heard much about the governmental and private funding being reduced or cut out entirely.  And we were fortunate to hear how they are improvising, doing more with less, and making the best use of the resources they do have.  We were humbled to hear their words of gratitude to Rotary for this type of support.  Thank you all for coming out today! There is so much "need" out there, and we hope to be able to do more.  (Note from the editor:  The Oak Heart Country Music Festival is our next big fundraiser.  Get involved and make it hugely successful, and we can do more at next year's Day of Giving.)

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