Simon shared some of his experiences over these last months of his stay here.  Among the many cultural differences he noticed:

·        The European habit of cheek-kissing ‘hello’ can be misinterpreted as a potential biting attack

·        The Hollywood sign is just a sign—unless you’re not in California, and then you think it’s massive and impressive

·        Real public schools aren’t exactly like High School Musical

·        The students at Agoura were very interested in welcoming him and including him right from the start

·        Girls are girls

After returning to Belgium --where he will study mathematics and economics, and get his diploma-- Simon will definitely return to the US.

Simon thanked Steve for all the things he’s done for him, and the places he’s gone; Nadine for the Pepperdine volleyball and basketball games; everyone for the amazing experience and opportunities.  From his heart: Thank you very much. Thank you!