Harvey Magidow started us out with words of remembrance for 9/11, and led the flag salute.  Bill Notthoff and Brad Ormsby teamed up for the song. Bob Marshall called for a moment of silence.
Visiting Rotarian: Ken Warner Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks
Guests: Lisa Meeker, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Brian Hynes, special guest of Steve Kerrigan.
Brad Ormsby: Manna Food Drive will be held at our 9/25 meeting.  Members are encouraged to bring their donations of food and grocery store gift cards to the 9/25 meeting, and Manna will collect them for us.  (Please see accompanying story for more details.)
Ray Taylor: Attended the President-Elect district retreat in Pismo Beach this past weekend.  Ray is learning and bonding with his 2014-2015 President Elect class, and will bring great ideas and enthusiasm to our club!
Westminster Free Clinic: sent a thoughtful thank-you note for the 200 pedometers our club funded.  Pedometers were distributed at the clinic that evening.  The distribution was orchestrated by Past President Edwin Velarde, and helped by Steve Ricklin, Nida Boord, DeAnn Justesen, and Cristina Velarde.
Bob Marshall: Plant tour is set for Elegant Gardens, Wednesday, October 2.  Please RSVP to Bob for more information, directions, and to help Grant Wilkins plan the food.  Remember: we are DARK at NRCC on Plant Tour days.  A make up is required if you miss the tour.
Next week: Early buffet - mini club meeting.  No guests or visitors please.  We will be distributing the approved budget for 2013-2014.  This town-hall type of meeting is a great time for brainstorming new ideas, projects, chatting with avenues of service chairpersons, finding a good place to help out.  Buffet opens at 11:45.
Also next week: Board of Directors will be meeting at 12:40.  Board meetings are open to all members.  If you still have a red badge requirement, now is a good time to fulfill that.
Avenues of Service: Please submit reports of your committee meetings to rotaryjeanne@yahoo.com by Monday, September 16.
This week's program:
Secret Service Doug Cohen taught us all about counterfeit money: how it's made, what some tricks are, why it's sometimes a political move.  He brought and passed around sample items for us to compare with our own wallet contents.  Also: there's a new $100 on its way to distribution.  We got a sneak peek of that new currency.
For those with businesses who work with cash, Doug offered to provide brochures and training on counterfeit detection.