RCWV Charitable Foundations - and Craft Talks with Harvey Magidow
Brad Ormsby led today's program.  His presentation was on our club's Charitable Foundations (commonly known as the Scholarship Foundation and the Unrestricted Charitable Foundation).  He gave us a little history on the how's and why's these foundations were created, what their sources of income are, and also where the funds go.  We learned about the types of scholarships: one that is paid to the college and linked to the student ID, and the other that is a reimbursement type of scholarship.  John Kohlbrand joined Brad, and they explained that it's time to nominate and elect board members for the foundations.  There are three different term durations (1-year, 2-year, and 3-year), with two people serving in each of the the three categories.  Today, we nominated Bill Notthoff to serve on the Foundation boards.  At the August 28 RCWV meeting, the Board of Directors for RCWV will be presenting to the general membership the full slate of names nominated to serve the upcoming terms on both Foundations.
The second part of the program:   CRAFT TALKS with HARVEY MAGIDOW
It was great to learn so much about a newer member of our club.  But with only 10 minutes, Brad kept the focus pretty narrow.  If you want to learn more about $1million pigeon races.....sit with Harvey at an upcoming meeting.