Our guest speaker today was: Lieutenant David J. Thompson, Detective Bureau Commander of the Malibu/Lost Hills Station.
Lt. Thompson explained who the J-Team is: a specialized unit to combat juvenile related issues in this area.  The J-Team works out of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station and is available as another resource of information pertaining to issues with juveniles.  They are frequently available on school campuses, and patrol our communities.  Their goals are to improve the quality of life for juveniles in the area, prevent and divert delinquent juvenile behavior, liaise with local schools to maintain healthy and safe campuses, and provide intervention and support for parents and kids who need guidance.
They also have the STTOP team (Sheriff's Teen Traffic Offender Program).  Under this program, you can contact the station to report a speeding or unsafe teen driver by name and/or license plate.  Their team will contact the family and attempt to intervene.  The STTOP team presents "Every 15 Minutes" at the local schools, with realistic reenactments of the aftermath of a teen car crash.
The Malibu/Lost Hills website link is here: