Contact: Mary Olson
Westlake Village
United States of America

Mary Olson has the lead on ROTARY PEACE DAY outside in the park next to Thousand Oaks High School on Friday, Feb. 16th from 9am – 2pm for 100 kids. There will be a series of rotations of 20-25 kids at a time so the groups will be smaller and there will be more one-on-one time with the kids.  The rotations will be:  Music with the TrekTone Band and the kids will have the opportunity to play with instruments, Art projects with Art Trek, Fun with “The Reptile Guy” (a guy comes with snakes, lizards, etc…and the kids love him) and the Rotary Rotation “Peace Treasure Hunt” which is where we give clues for the kids for a treasure hunt that has a peace theme.  ALL the rotations will have a peace theme of course.  The kids will also have lunch and Parks and Rec own popcorn and a shaved ice machine so it will be especially festive for the kids and add to the joy of the day. There will be lots of opportunities for Rotary Volunteers. February 25 to March 2, 2024-Peace Corp Week - Rotary Peace Corp Partnership-,the%20United%20States%20Peace%20Corps.