First meeting of November was a good one... more photos?
Service Awards for Andy Dominguez 25 years and Brad Ormsby 38 years, they missed the meeting with 5240 leader Scott Phillips when Mike used the opportunity to hand out Rotary Awards. They certainly deserved theirs.
Jean Luc shared the clubs International Project on Niger and that the project is a sustainable project that will help feed people of this rural village. He even educated us on Malnutrition and how is often split into two broad groups of conditions: undernutrition, including stunting, wasting, underweight and micronutrient deficiencies. We all agree we should hear about this more often.
Guest Speaker was Mark Niro US Department of Treasury, guns, badges and plenty of stories. He had a great turnout of RCWV members who were very interested and had alot of questions, Karen said she might ask him back for the rest of his stories. Good idea everyone?
Morrison Park Playground Project has a new fundraiser at Sharky's November 19, 2022, 11:00-8:00. Download the Sharkys flyer.
YMCA is having their big Thanksgiving Food Drive- download the flyer to scan barcode. 
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