Oh my goodness, it's just all so exciting, the HITV Chair was seen at Volunteer sign ups, Maps, Food and Drink, Inventory, Rentals, City Meeting, The Stonehaus meeting, The County Line Shopping Center businesses meeting, Social Media, PR, Permits, Sponsorship, Quartier Francais, Traffic Control, LA Kings, Auction, Raffle, Entertainment, Decor, more meetings and just a few things more. 
What can you do, so many fun things are available to you, even if its just to bring us some goodies, of course just to sustain us. And yes, we definitely need each and every one of you, even on the smallest of things to be done. Join the HITV Holidazzlers anytime before the big day! #serviceaboveself #holidaysinthevillage #goteam
Number one thing to do if you haven't already is to spread the word to your friends and family for volunteers needed. Here is the link
Erin shared the city map and an excel spreadsheet called HITV $$$ this week- all is looking well. Take a peek and don't forget to sign up for your volunteer slot/s here. Counting down until we shall all be right here... December 4, 2022