PRLS: Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars
Professional Training for Rotary, Business, and Life
The goal of PRLS, begun in 1993, is to provide a set of training sessions wherein current and future Rotary leaders could learn to become more effective in their leadership roles. The basic PRLS course consists of a one-day event covering five sessions: "Leadership," "Leading a Meeting," "Public Speaking," "Rotary, Your Club and You," and "Communications."

This program was specifically developed to train individuals whose goals include a future leadership position in Rotary. They learn skills that will make them more effective in that role. The instruction was carefully designed to improve individual leadership skills that are broad based and not just Rotary- specific. Participants have found substantial value in the many practical applications of information presented throughout the curriculum. The program's blend of curricular theory and practical application skills helps prepare students for success in any leadership role."

This PRLS program offers practical training in professional circumstances that can benefit anyone on both a personal and professional level.

The PRLS classes follow an order:  you have to complete Basic PRLS before you can begin the Master PRLS series.  You can't take mPRLS 2 until you've completed mPRLS 1.  And you can't take mPRLS 5 until you've completed Basic PRLS and mPRLS 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Classes are offered in three regions of our District:  North, South, and East.

The next offering of Basic PRLS will be March 22, 2014, in Bakersfield.  If you've already completed Basic PRLS, you can jump into the Master PRLS series this Saturday, 11/16/13, at Santa Barbara Business College in Ventura.  That can be followed immediately on 11/23 with Master PRLS 4 in Thousand Oaks.  Then there's a twist: the next two sessions are mPRLS 1 and 2, offered on 12/14/13 and 1/18/2014 back at Santa Barbara Business College.  You could wrap up your mPRLS with mPRLS 5 on 2/15/2014.

Class schedules and more PRLS information is available at


Now, onto the finances.  PRLS was pioneered by Past District Governor, the late Jock MacKenzie of our own club, to develop leadership in business people that he thought was lacking in the civilian population.  The cost to attend these courses has increased to $60 a session for active club members.  For spouses and family members, the cost is $30 a session.   Not only is that an amazingly low price for the information and training you'll receive, it gets even better. Our club will reimburse you for your session cost, by means of a credit to your RCWV account.  All you have to do is sign up for the classes, attend the classes, then submit a check request, listing the course and date attended.  Submit that to a club officer, and we'll get the credit onto your next invoice.