Posted by Stephanie Spar on Dec 13, 2018
Rotary This Week
   Flag: Harvey Magidow
  Song:  Karen Quigley  
   Invocation:  None
    Guests:  Introduced by Brad Ormsby
Beverly Bergman (Mother of Erik Johnson) – guest of Erik Johnson 

    smiley President Lee Ginsburg announced that in lieu of a song each week a club member will give a brief highlight about themselves. 
           Karen Quigley:  Karen has been a Rotarian for more years than she can remember.  She served as the Club’s first woman President 1996-97. Karen is married to Michael.  She has a step-daughter Kaitlin, a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, now working at Sony Pictures.  Karen and Michael live and work in Camarillo.  They own the Quigley Insurance Agency.  The Agency sells all lines of insurance.  Michael specializes in business insurance, Karen specializes in the sales of medical, life and long term care insurance and Amy is their auto, home specialist.  Karen’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  She is thankful for her blessings in life and wants to give back to others. 
  smiley Jersey Mikes and Borderline have a long standing relationship since the start of Oak Heart. Jersey Mikes recently had a fund raiser for the victims and families of the shooting at Borderline.  Dawn presented Brian Hynes with a check for $1735.38.
  smiley  Brad Ormsby announced the Club has a UCF – Unrestricted Charitable Foundation.  Brad Ormsby - President: Karen Quigley - Secretary; Board Members are Ray Taylor, Jeanne Archer and Andy Lupnow.
Our Rotary Club will be participating in the Westlake Village 3rd Annual Holiday Sing A Long on December 9th at the Shoppes in WLV.  The Rev. Gary will be directing our group.  Singing ability is not required, as there is a back-up choir and band.  This is a fun, community event that will bring great exposure to our Club.  All are encouraged to participate. Signups will take place at next week's meeting, or contact Gary.
    smiley  The next Club Service meeting is Monday, January 7th  at CLU. 
    smiley  The Holiday Party will be at Steve Kerrigan on December 14 at 6pm. There is a white elephant gift exchange just for Rotarians. A sign-up sheet was passed around to say whether you are bringing an appetizer or a dessert.
    smiley  Stephanie Spar is putting together dinner for 8. She would like to recruit a few more members. If anyone is interested, please contact Stephanie. The dinners will begin after the new year.
  Fines:  None
smiley Happy Dollars:  
Kelly Honig: Awesome turn out at the Sing A Long.
Dapper Spar:  Happy to have his son home from college for Christmas.
Brad Ormsby:  Sad dollar-Sad to miss the Sing a Long, but it was Marjorie’s birthday.
Ken Snow:  Thanked everyone who participated in the Children’s Shopping Spree.  The event was awesome with many happy children.  Ken was also recognized by President Lee for organizing such a wonderful event.
Kimmy Tharpe:  She had a great time at the Sing A Long and at the Children’s Shopping Spree.
Aaron Guerrero:  Happy about inducting two new members.
Mike Dutra:  The Candu Unity tree was awarded 2nd place by Hospice of the Conejo.
Janine Goldberg:  Her son graduated from college – she is tuition free.
Peaches Jensen:  Had a wonderful Mom and daughter trip to Las Vegas.
Harvey Magidow:   Happy to have participated in Children’ Shopping Spree.
Andy Lupanow:  Happy his daughter Jessica is home for Christmas.
Harrison Reed:  Happy his daughter Vivian is home for Christmas. 
Lee Ginsburg:  Happy to have his wife Cathy at the meeting as the Clubs guest speaker.
Karen Quigley inducted two new members:  Linda Coburn and Erik Johnson.
Linda was sponsored by Aaron. Her mentor is Poornima.  Erik was sponsored by Anita Boord.  His mentor is Steve Kerrigan.
What's Coming Up Next?
December 14- Holiday Social - Steve Kerrigan's
December 19- Cheetah Conservation Fund
December 26- DARK - Christmas Week
Upcoming Board Meetings Dates.
All Board Meetings are held at 7:30 am in the Community Room at Westlake Village City Hall. All Rotary members are welcome to attend.
January 8, 2019
February 12, 2019
March 12, 2019
April 9, 2019
May 14, 2019
June 11, 2019
Upcoming Club Service Meeting Dates
Westlake Village Rotary Club Service meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month at 12:00 noon at CLU.
The next meeting is January 7, 2018

Guest Speaker:  Cathy Ginsburg.
Cathy is a graduate of UCLA.  She received her law degree from South Western Law School and a Masters in tax from Golden Gate University.
Cathy is a trust and estate tax attorney.  She owns her own practice in Westlake Village.
Cathy discussed the importance of having a Living Trust.  Without a trust at death an estate must go through Probate.  Probate can be very time consuming, often taking up to 18 months.
Establishing a Living Trust is the way to avoid Probate.  Your trust needs to be funded by transferring your assets to the Trust.  The Living Trust clearly defines how assets are to be distributed upon death.
Cathy explained the recent changes in the tax laws.  She recommends having your trust updated/reviewed to make certain you are utilizing the right type of trust for your estate.
Cathy is extremely knowledgeable in her field.  Her presentation was well received.