Posted by Joy Lupanow with Dapper Spar on Nov 17, 2017
The Flag
Rotary This Week
 Flag: PP Karen Quigley
  Song:  Mike Dutra, a rousing rendition of PP Dapper Spar's favorite, NO SONG!
   Invocation: Mary Olson gave a very nice invocation reminding all of us to be thankful for the things we have but not to forget that there are those in the world  who have less.
    Guests:  Introduced by PP Brad Ormsby
Guest of Speaker - Tracy Noonan, City Attorney for the City of Thousand Oaks
Special guests - Stacie and Mary
    smiley  P Lee made a new rule that our special guests, guests and the speaker would be first in line for food.  PP Dapper wants to know if PP Gary Dickey will have something to say about this new rule.
    smiley Harold Hyman made an announcement regarding needing people to volunteer to be on the Essay Contest committee.
    smiley Harvey Magidol announced that if we wanted to do our plant tour to the Moorpark College Zoo that it would have to start at 10:30 instead of noon.  Most of the people in the room said that was fine with them.
    smiley PP Dapper put out the USC v ucla bet fundraiser sheet.  You can sign up for $20 per and the winning bettors get half the total loot and our foundation will get the other half!
Hmmm I wonder who Harrison Reed is betting on? Photo: Aaron Guerrero
    smiley Claudine Schooley, President of the Conejo Valley Rotary Club, told us about the annual Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner program whereby they intend to deliver 400 meals that will feed 4000 people.  She passed out a sign up sheet for deliveries and she passed the hat to raise money for the meals.
   Happy Dollars:  Brett Saunders
Elliott Blinder got new LL Bean boots
PP Dapper Lacrosse tourney was a success
Harrison Reed - gave $4 for merit scholarships that his daughter is receiving and $1 sad dollar because the bruins suck (those are my own words).
Cristina Calvi-Auda was happy she is full for Meals on Wheels through December.
PP Jeanne Archer - college applications for her daughter are over.
Stephanie Bell-Harbourne - gave $10 because she just got back from a 10 day cruise.
Auction Baskets
Our Club has two baskets left from the past silent auction. Both are from Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital. One basket is for "A glamorous Three Night VaCay Stay in the beautiful Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital, with doggy Day care, bragging and barking rights" a $500.00 value. The second basket is for "Adopt a Pet from any Certified Rescue and Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital, will provide the exam, Spay or Neutering and an overnight stay for observation thereafter" a $466-576 value.  We are offering the baskets at $150.00 each! A great value! First come, first served. Contact Elliot.
Our Rotary Club has a Facebook Group!
Our Rotary Club is on social media! Join the Rotary Club Facebook group and keep up to date on what’s happening no matter where you are.  The group is called Rotary Club of Westlake Village.  The page looks like this.  Join now!  Questions?  Contact Mike Dutra.
What's Coming Up Next?
December 16:  Club Holiday Party- for all members, spouses and significant others.  More details to follow.
December 27:  Club is dark
January 3:  Club is dark
Upcoming Board Meetings Dates.
All Board Meetings are held at 7:30 am in the Community Room at Westlake Village City Hall. All Rotary members are welcome to attend.
December 12, 2017
January 9, 2018
February 13, 2018
March 13, 2018
April 10, 2018
May 8, 2018
June 12, 2018 (may change)
Check out these upcoming meeting programs!
November 22, 2017: Dark
November 29, 2017: Village Voices
December 6, 2017: Taking our club on the road to Moorpark College Animal Zoo
December 13, 2017: Club Gift Exchange
December 20, 2017: Kimmy - Game Show!
December 27, 2017: Dark

Speaker – Sydney Noonan, a viticulturist with Vina Quest LLC.
Sydney went to school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and got a degree in Viticulture.  She grew loving to play outside and play with bugs and animals and this line of work just seemed to work.  She studied wine making but found that Viticulture, which means grape growing, suited her better.  She does not decide when to harvest the grapes but rather how to deal with bugs, pests and molds and funghi that might be harming the vine or the grape.  Her days are spent cruising vineyards and looking for certain types and bugs and critters that might harm vineyards.  She is also called by the winemakers when the discover a pest and they need to know how to get rid of it without harming the vine or the grape.  She also consults on what fertilizers to use based on what the vine might need.
There was a lengthy Q&A session.  She told us about organic labeling and Dry Farming.  Dry farming is making maximum use of the water in the ground and not having to water the vines.  Organic seems to be if you pay for the designation you get it.
It was a very informative program and her mother also came to listen and she is the current city attorney of Thousand Oaks.
Sydney Noonan Photo: Aaron Guerrero
Our second category of trivia will be FAMOUS MUSICALS.   Please email your answers to Kelly Honig at  Answer and winners will be announced next week. 
This Week's Questions:
What Broadway musical holds the record for the longest running revival?
Bonus Question: What year did the movie adaptation, win the Academy award for Best Picture?
Last Week's Questions:
In the movie musical The Sound of Music, what actor played Captain Von Trapp? Christopher Plummer
Bonus Question:  What was the name of the oldest Von Trapp child? Liesl
Winners are:
Karen Q
Harrison R
Patrick Y
Jeanne A